About Us
Tek-San which founded in 1987 continues the production of roasting pans and pan cars with using the last technologies of the world and with the experts team.
Because of qualified raw material, useful design, sensitive labour consumers likes our products. With the support of the pleasure of our consumers and with our rising and developing products, we are at one of the highest places of the sector.
According to the types of ovens, our main products are; Printing presses and flat perforated pans, Hamburgers, Sandwiches, Baguettes, bread crumbs, Grissini, Toast Bread Pans, Trays Trolleys, Trolleys, Tables and Muck cars. According to the wishes of our consumers ; Aluminum, aluminized materials such as Stainless Steel and custom-sized products are also manufactured. 
Our experienced staff and wide range of products and types of our products are presented by he user services through our consumers all around the country.
We are also prouded by supporting the economy of our country by exporting with Europian countries like Germany, Italy, Denmark and also Australia and The Arabian countries.
Our purpose is to develope our products, activities and qualityof our products with the desires of our consumers.
Our company is pleased fullfill your desires and wishes with having 2000 m2 our manufacturing facility, our professional staff, our new machine park, exhibition hall, our products, and all kinds of needs and demands of your series and stocked with quality products.
Our vision is to lead the sector with having customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, quality, teamwork, social responsibility, professional management approach, fitness industry and sharing insights based on its technological developments.
We are also missioned to set an example for our labor, our cunsomers and to our country which creates resources and values.